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Fun With YouTube: This Site Is Not THX Certified

Just on a lark I stripped the THX opening titles from a movie, made a few *ahem* adjustments, and sent the file to out into that wonderful land called YouTube.

While waiting for it to finish uploading a thought occured to me. I wonder if modifying the resolution settings would create a properly scaled video that I might be able to fit on the top of the sidebar.

And ya know what?

It worked.

But for those of you wearing bifocals here's the normal rez version of it. For everyone else, I think I'll leave it there. Now I just need to come up with one new sidebar video for each page.

Good times.

This Site Is Not THX Certified

Cool and amusing. um... So how do you adjust the Rez settings to get the smaller u tube block? - mw


There are two set of values, the first is width="425" height="350". The second set is the set you want to modify. In order to get it to fit, I reduced it by 50% from it's original setting making it width="212" height="175". Maintaining the scale lets the interface scale as well. Everything in that little sidebar is a micro version of the normal sized one.


Any value will do so long as it's a proportional reduction so you don't get all kinds of wonky stretching going on. So you wouldn't want to do something like 250x175 because it would be stretched over the width.


You're just reducing the size of the html image map. I don't think it would affect the resolution, but would probably reduce the image quality. The same holds true when you reduce the size of an image in html instead of resizing the image. That said, I reduce the video player image on on of my websites often so the player will fit whithin the confines of the floats in the stylesheet layout.

Also, you should open comments for non-Blogger users back up. A lot of people will not set up an account just to leave a comment.


Thanks Greg,
Works great. Just shaved the size a little in my most recent post to keep the video behaving properly within the blogger column width on my template: To earmark or not to earmark

Regarding Ed's comments about comments. I permit Anon comments on my blog, but moderate and approve all comments before posting. You have to do one or the other to keep the crap out. - mw

Thanks for the tips everyone. I'll turn moderation on with anon.

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